Serenity comes when you trade expectations for acceptance. —unknown

…of your Path

When you find time in life to let things be what they are, and allow those things to move you into places you never thought possible, you’ve then begun to realize what life is all about. Allow life to happen, and move in the direction your music in life takes you without resistance. Then you will find peace in life, no matter what the rhythm of life becomes. Let go the complex thinking that only serves to take away the natural beauties in life. Allow what naturally attracts you to be pursued with curiosity, enthusiasm, and focus. —Axely Congress

…of Self

Spirituality is being mindful right now. It is loving who you are and how you are in every moment, especially those moments of despair and rage. It is softening and loving, knowing it’s going to be okay. Spirituality is learning to make friends again and again with our shameful parts, our confusing parts, our wild parts, our silly parts, the whole of ourselves. Right now. —Mariechild

…of the Past

On the spiritual path we often talk about the necessity of letting go. However, there is a difference between letting go and denying or pushing away. Without remembering, without accepting and embracing what has happened, we can’t let go, we can’t open into the present or move into the future with clarity. We must embrace, acknowledge, honor, and accept our experiences, both good and bad, joyful and painful, by saying, “Yes, this is what happened. This is what is.” In that acceptance our heart is opening and in that opening, there is a release. We may think of letting go as a separate action. We collect a lot of baggage and then hopefully, we can let go of the experience. In the beginning we may only be able to let go after the experience is finished. As we become skillful we bring a more spacious attitude toward all our experiences. We can open to each experience without either trying to make it last or get rid of it. Then the letting go is inherent in each action. —Mariechild

…of What Is

There is usually much striving and grasping in our actions, and disappointment in not getting what we want or getting what we don’t want….Expectations are destructive. However well-intentioned we may be, the expectation puts the power outside of us. Expectations create pressure and conflict. Failure is programmed into expectation. This failure leads to disappointment, despair, anger, and pain. Whether we suffer from the pressure of other people’s expectations or our own, it is the expectation that hurts. . . . Trying to get, trying to keep, and trying to push away create an ongoing level of stress and tension. To be on center, we must embrace the whole of life. . . . In an attitude of surrender and acceptance, everything is welcomed. —Mariechild

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